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Extra Small Board

The Extra Small Board feeds 2-3 people. Ingredients include: Prosciutto, salami, artisan cheese, brie cheese, french bread, wheat crackers and seasonal fruits.


Small Board


The Small Board feeds 5-8 people. Ingredients include: French bread, wheat crackers, artisan cheeses, salamis, prosciutto, sopressatas, jams, seasonal fruits, olives/baby gerkins, fresh cucumbers.


Medium Board


The Medium Board feeds 10-14 people. Ingredients include: Salami, prosciutto, mortadella with Pistachio, spicy soppresata, olives, artisan cheeses, jams, pesto, seasonal fruits, fresh cucumbers, french bread, wheat crackers.


Large Board

The Large Board feeds 14-18 people. Ingredients include: Salami, prosciutto, mortadella with pistachio, spicy soppresata, chorizo slices, olives, artisan cheeses, jams, seasonal fruits, fresh cucumbers/cherry tomatoes, french bread, wheat crackers, pesto, dried fruit with variety of nuts, and chocolate.

graze table.jpeg

Graze Table


The Graze Table feeds 20+ people: For graze table inquiries, please email us for ingredients and details.


About Us

At Boards by Geraldine we believe that a beautifully curated board is the best way to celebrate any occasion with friends and family. From crafting elegant boards to assembling charcuterie boxes, and grabbable charcuterie cups to mouthwatering graze tables, our unwavering dedication is to always exceed our customers' expectations, every time. 

Drawing inspiration from her travels and experiences in various European and South American countries, our company owner, Geraldine, has savored bountiful charcuterie combinations and ingredients which she now uses when creating and adorning her charcuterie boards. Today, Boards by Geraldine is proud to serve the greater Northern Virginia region where we will incorporate both local and fresh ingredients with appetizing international flavors to all our charcuterie creations no matter the size.

So, whether you're having a small get together or a big party, we are honored to serve and show you how food can make your good times even better,  just one delicious artisanal bite at a time. Buen Provecho!  

About Us



What Our Clients Say

Darline Adon


“ Boards by Geraldine goes above and beyond every time! She truly provides her customers with the best service. You won’t go wrong choosing them for your event! ”

Niki F. 


“ The presentation is incredible. She made the perfect board for our event! “

Giovanna Stahl 


"Simply couldn’t recommend Boards by Geraldine enough! From the vibrant colors to the meticulous presentation, these boards are sure to wow anyone.  Not only were the boards delivered promptly and professionally but the flavors and ingredients used were the cherry on top that made our event! I will definitely be ordering from them again  ❤️ "

Lizzie S.


“Check out Boards by Geraldine for the best Charcuterie board in NOVA. They have beautiful presentation and they taste as great as they look.”

Lilliam Uribe


“ Thank you so much for my charcuterie board! The presentation was so beautiful and taste was so fresh and delicious! Will definitely be ordering again soon. Thank you!!! “

Image by Tye Doring

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